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Gender: Male
Country: United States
A project operated initially (1978-1979) as a duo with Robert TURMAN, then on a solo basis by Boyd RICE (b. 1956), a controversial American writer, poet, actor, photographer, and composer exploring the areas of the industrial avant-garde of rock music, experimental post-industrial, and neofolk. Widely regarded a pioneer of the philosophy of industrial culture and a major representative of the noise industrial genre, he is also known as The BOYD RICE EXPERIENCE, and has formed a number of occasional groups, e.g. SICKNESS OF SNAKES (with the members of COIL), and SCORPION WIND (with DEATH IN JUNE and John MURPHY). He has also collaborated with many artistic figures of diverse backgrounds, including Rose McDOWALL, Michael MOYNIHAN aka BLOOD AXIS, Z’EV, and Frank TOVEY. His artistic activities go back to 1973, when evidently fascinated with avant-garde art movements of the 20th c. he made abstract black and white paintings and collages of photographs taken by himself. In 1976 he gained notoriety on account of a happening he made in order to promote literature on mass suicide, where he attempted to deliver a severed head of a sheep to the wife of the incumbent President of the USA. As a sound artist he debuted under his own name in 1977 with a release of experi- mental recordings, formally rather simple yet sonically expressive, relying on monotonous, looped, highly dissonant electronic static. At that time as a composer he was armed with tape recorders, everyday objects, a turn- table, and self-mode sound installations, e.g. a guitar with an electric fan attached to it. He rose to fame in the 1980s on account of his activities in a wide variety of fields of counter-culture strategy, ranging from diverse artistic projects to conceptual ones regarding the ideological manifestation of one’s independence, confrontational towards tradition and fossilised patterns in social relations all the way through. Having become friends with Anton Szandor LAVEY, he joined his Church of Satan. Also, he founded The ABRAXAS FOUNDATION, a Social Darwinist think tank and his vehicle for promoting ideas of totalitarianism and elitism, and open criticism of democracy. His intellectual involvement didn’t go unreflected in his musical works, which became conceptual and epic sonic poems composed of a variety of means of expression. While art noise remained the point of reference, it was supplemented with trance elements of tribal music, grim spoken vocals, and sophisticated collages that included wartime songs and speeches from radical politicians. The lyrics and artwork both provoca- tively and eruditely made references to paganism, misanthropy, nihilism, the occult, satanism, and even racism. He made his live performances multi-media rituals of so-called de-indoctrination, involving high frequ- ency noise bordering physical pain limits and bright and dazzling lighting meant to frustrate the audience and lead them to aggression. Fascinated with the ideas from Michael BAIGENT’s book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, he made a series of TV programmes on Grail legends and Merovingian lore. He has written for the “MODERN DRUNKARD” magazine promoting alcoholism, and appeared on TV shows by the American White suprema- cist Thomas METZGER, where he denounced the right-wing ideologies and ridiculed it, much to the host’s irritation. In 1999 he starred in Richard WOLSTENCROFT’s notorious film Pearls Before Swine. His writing have been published in many magazines, and in 2009 he published the book No, a summary of his life philosophy, subversively called by himself “a list of unimportant things I don’t believe in”. His latest work as a writer is the autobiographical noir novel Twilight Man. Selected discography: as Boyd RICE Black Album (Mute 1977) LP Mode Of Infection / Knife Ladder (Non 1979) 7” EP Pagan Muzak (Graybeat Records 1981) 7” EP Physical Evidence (Mute 1982) LP Rise (Mute 1982) 12” EP as Boyd RICE collaboration with Frank TOVEY Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing (Mute 1984) CD Sick Tour (Staalplaat 1985) CD Blood & Flame (Mute 1987) CD