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Do Not Touch Them

Artist: Hands To

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Big Body Parts; BBP-015
Format: Tape
A1 It Hinges  
A2 O Canada  
A3 Guerilla Jazz  
A4 Refined  
A5 Embody  
A6 Who Sent You ?  
A7 The Still  
B1 Drn  
B2 Do Not Touch Them  
B3 Hysterical Rubber  
B4 Disembody  
B5 Cannon Dogs Crash  
B6 Psychic Vents  
B7 Tibetan Bell Game  
B8 Conundrum

recorded Dec. 1986 thru Apr. 1987 at the hovel and the golden cycle refinery, manitou

jeph jerman

15 el paso #2

manitou springs, co