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Rituals Of Sleep

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Label: Epitapes
Catalog No: Epitapes, none
Format: Tape
A1 The Arms Of Someone New Disruption Painting
A2 Illusion Of Safety About
A3 No Unauthorized Quand Le Sexe Passe
A4 Magthea Neptunus Wakes Up
A5 Noetinger* Le Jardin Enigmatique
A6 Psychological Warfare Branch* Not Pink At All
A7 Prima Materia (2) Dreamachine
A8 Nick Two Fever Dreams
A9 Zanmintones Antiroom
A10 Costes Papa C'Est Toi?
A11 MT* Dreams
B1 Zanguts Sweet Sleep Sleap Suite
B2 Blackhumour Weeds In Barren Soil
B3 Areknuteknyterne Braintunes In
B4 Areknuteknyterne Immortality Ends
B5 Areknuteknyterne You Could Be War
B6 LOSP* Locusts
B7 LOSP* The Cube II
B8 Frontal Rizotto You're Sleeping
B9 Hagzisse Mercurial State
B10 Esruk Untitled
B11 Victor Nubla Otono No. 31
B12 MT* The Stormy Dawn