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Artist: Nestor Figueras / David Toop / Paul Burwell

Year: 1977
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Bead Records, BEAD 6
Format: Vinyl Lp
Spezification: vg/vg
A   1st Part
B   2nd Part
  • Artwork [Cover Drawing] – Lucas Cranach The Elder
  • Composed By – David Toop, Nestor Figueras, Paul Burwell
  • Design [Cover] – David Toop, Nestor Figueras, Paul Burwell
  • Design [Labels], Artwork [Label Drawings] – David Toop
  • Drums, Cymbal, Performer [Woodblocks, Aeroplane Elastic, Water, Bows], Gong [Gongs, Kyeezee], Trumpet [Baamboo Pan-trumpets], Fiddle [Deerbone Fiddle, One String Fiddle], Whistle [Dog Whistle] – Paul Burwell
  • Flute [C, Alto, Water Flute, Piston Flutes, Stopped End-blown Flutes, New Guinea Initiation Flute], Whistle [Water Whistle, Bone Whistle, Whirled Bamboo Bird-whistler, Dog Whistle], Trumpet [Bone Trumpet], Performer [Balloon, Metal, Bow], Panpipes [Basque Panpipes] – David Toop
  • Photography – MB
  • Photography By – Odile Voisin, Robina Rose
  • Recorded By – David Toop
  • Vocals [Respiratory And Vocal Sounds], Percussion [Body Percussion], Performer [Movement] – Nestor Figueras
Recorded on a Sony TC 146A cassette tape machine (no dolby/no nothing) during the J. Drew series at Action Space, London, on Friday the 1st of April, 1977.