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Changez Les Blockeurs

Artist: The New Blockaders

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Not On Label
Format: Vinyl Lp
A   Untitled
B   Untitled
Edition of 100.
Packaged in plain white sleeve with die-cut centre hole and thumb cut.
Originally also included PVC outer sleeve with imprint "HJB PLASTICS 0324 484961".
The only artwork and text is on a double-sided A4 sheet.
Record labels are light pink with a mirrored copyright text and other imprints faintly visible. Obviously pre-printed labels from a different record were used with the reverse side up.

Few copies (approximately 10) came with an handmade Anti-LP The New Blockaders - Untitled.

The LP was originally to be called The New Blockaders. The title 'Changez Les Blockeurs' ('Change The Blockaders') was decided on just prior to release but wasn't included on the cover.