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The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H.

Artist: Zero Kama

Year: 1984
Country: Austria
Catalog No: Nekrophile Records, NRC 07
Format: Tape
O1 Death Posture  
O2 Atavism Dream  
O3 Night Of Matter  
O4 Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome  
O5 Love Alway Yieldeth  
O6 Azure-Lidded Woman (Pregnant Womb Of Non)  
Z1 Hassan I Sabbah  
Z2 Starlit Mire  
Z3 Winged Eye Hadit  
Z4 Love Alway Hardeneth  
Z5 Town Of Pyramids (Night Of Pan)  
All instruments on this recording were solely made from human bones and skulls. Recorded between 5th and 28th of May 1984 An LXXX in the Secret Temple of Laylah.

The sides are not called "A" and "B", but "O" and "Z" (both on the cover and on the actual cassette).