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Laura Syndrom (Album, C46)

Artist: Ak Ak

Year: 1989
Country: France
Catalog No: Underground Productions, SUB 22
Format: Tape
A1 Into Gamelan  
A2 See Sea Dark Scenes  
A3 Creatures Creeping Up Big Ben  
A4 Metal Frog Music  
A5 A Late Laid Lady's Lament  
A6 The Moonments Fade  
A7 Nonfunctiona  
A8 Non Che Aqua Calda  
B1 S.P.1  
B2 S.P.2  
B3 S.P.3  
B4 O, You'r Play'n With Zamek  
B5 Gipr  
B6 I Tune To Plop  
B7 Folie  
B8 Blitzbesuch In Windhoek  
B9 Melita  
B10 Alla Huadr Lelé  
B11 China  
  • Cover [Cover '90] – U. Bogislav
  • Producer – AKAK*
  • Typography [Lettering] – C. Petchanatz*
Recorded '89 at Uli Naß Studio, Cologne.