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the Tiled Room

Artist: the Tiled Room

Year: 1994
Country: Canada
Label: Anathema
Catalog No: Anathema, ANAC-002
Format: Tape

Format: home-dubbed cassette (C-60, clear cassette with no labels) in Philips case, b+w photocopy cover

Quantity of initial release: unknown (less than 25)

Comments: This is a lo-fi, ambient, sound collage made in the early 90s using tapes and effects, working under the pseudonym "the tiled room".
The "official" release came out on Anathema in March 1994. However, copyright data on the cassette cover says 1990 and there were a small number of these tapes made and given to friends over the years '90 to '93.
For that reason, even though it has the catalog number 002, it is actually the first release on the Anathema label.