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One World Poetry

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Milkyway Records, BF-211108-1A/B, Giorno Poetry Systems, GPS 028-029
Format: Vinyl Lp-2


    Kant 1 War Against War
A1 Ed Sanders Ban The Bomb (No Neutron Bomb) 3:54
A2 Richard Murphy (4) Amazement 2:11
A3 Ad Zuiderent Geen Bom 1:18
A4 Lizzy Sara May Verlanglijstje 1:25
A5 Linton Kwesi Johnson All We Doin' Is Defendin' 2:25
A6 Miguel Algarin To Nicaragua 1:36
A7 Vincente Zito Lema Canto
Guitar – Numa Morais
    Kant 2 Sound And Poetry
B1 Barbara Barg Christian Soldiers 1:17
B2 Avant Squares Give Me That Bone 2:35
B3 John Giorno Excerpt From: 'I Don't Need It, I Don't Want It And You Cheated Me Out Of It' 2:29
B4 Dick Higgins Telephone Translaton Nr. 9 0:49
B5 Henri Chopin Part Of 'Roule-Gorge' 1:15
B6 Ton Lebbink Domker Is De Kalverstraat 4:00
B7 Mazisi Kunene The Saters
Congas – Zapata
B8 Michael Gibbs Pages 2:36
B9 Jim Carroll The Angel 3:16
B10 Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir Cassady 4:33
B11 Bernard Heidsieck Part Of 'Vaduz (Capital Of Liechten) 2:34
    Kant 3
C1 Simon Vinkenoog Verdom De Oorlog, Verdien De Vrede 0:15
C2 H.H. ter Balkt 2200 Vaten 2:45
C3 Hans Plomp (2) Vrouw Holle 1:28
C4 Mignon van Ingen Ik Ben Neit BangVoor De Slang 0:47
C5 Remco Campert Finka 5:50
C6 Judith Herzberg 1944/1945 0:57
C7 Leo Van Der Zalm Voorval 0:23
C8 J. Bernlef De Begrafenis Van De Dichter 1:12
C9 Elly de Waard Joke Smit 1:35
C10 Hans van de Waardenberg Rijbroek Uit Canada 0:25
C11 Wiel Kusters Waar Een Pad Niet Al Toe Leidt 0:46
C12 Frank M. Arion De Neger 2:39
C13 Johnny van Doorn Hou Kontakt 4:38
    Kant 4
D1 William Burroughs* Cold Hearted Bastard 3:22
D2 Lawrence Ferlinghetti Goya And America 1:43
D3 David Henderson (5) Ghetto Follies 2:18
D4 Franco Beltrametti Frank O'Hara (Poetry Is A Funny Deal) 2:45
D5 Diane Di Prima Matagalpa 2:15
D6 Michael McClure Jane Harlow 1:13
D7 Ken Kesey Bible Bill/John The Groupie 11:39
D8 Uli Becker Bitte Nichts In Closet Werfen 1:10
D9 Alfred Miersch Ewig Ewig Sind Die Schuldiger 2:36

Companies, etc.



In A surprisingly short span of time the One World Poerty Festival has developed into one of the largest and most important poetry events in the world. Having sprung from the counter-culture of the 1960's, the festival's organizers have always opted for those who reflect the latest developments in poetry from several different countries and cultures as well as exploring the areas where poetry and other art forms meet such as: theatre, the visual arts and (especially) music.

The fourth annual festival held in 1981 attracted a record number of 12,000 visitors. The main theme was War Against War. 63 poets from all over the globe gathered together in Amsterdam to let their voices be heard in a divided world. The power of the word was given ample proof. The pen - and especially the voice - is mightier than the sword.

This is One World Poetry's first record album presentation. Recorded live at the One World Poetry Festival 1981 in the Melkweg Amsterdam