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The Bangkok Project - Das Bangkok Projekt

Artist: Minus Delta T

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Label: Ata Tak
Catalog No: Ata Tak, WR 21/22
Format: Vinyl Lp-2
Spezification: with 7inch

Companies, etc.



Comes in a special folded cover consisting of two individual six-panel parts that formed a plus sign when unfolded.
The 7" comes in an extra sleeve.

The field recordings were recorded in Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lebanon, Europa, Pakistan, Syria and Thailand between 1982 and 1983.

The 7" was also available as single item and served as a teaser for the LP/7" set.

The front cover features "Das Projekt Le Projet The Project" as a title and "Minus Delta T" in latin letters and their graphic name respresentation in bigger form as well.
The labels feature "The Bangkok Project" on sides A and C and "Das Bangkok Projekt" on sides B and D.
That is also the official title of the release as listed by Ata Tak.