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Pagan Muzak

Artist: NON

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Catalog No: Graybeat Records GB 3301
Format: Vinyl Lp


A01 Untitled  
A02 Untitled  
A03 Untitled  
A04 Untitled  
A05 Untitled  
A06 Untitled  
A07 Untitled  
A08 Untitled  
A09 Untitled  
A10 Untitled  
A11 Untitled  
A12 Untitled  
A13 Untitled  
A14 Untitled  
A15 Untitled  
A16 Untitled  
A17 Untitled  
B01 Untitled  
B02 Untitled  
B03 Untitled  
B04 Untitled  
B05 Untitled  
B06 Untitled  
B07 Untitled  
B08 Untitled  
B09 Untitled  
B10 Untitled  
B11 Untitled  
B12 Untitled  
B13 Untitled  
B14 Untitled  
B15 Untitled  
B16 Untitled  
B17 Untitled  



Housed in a 12" cover advertising the release as a "Stereo LP". Contains 17 locked grooves. Copies have a second (offset) axis hole drilled in the centre by Boyd Rice.
"Playable at any speed. Maxium volume suggested."

Originally released in 1981 as GB 3000. This record is packaged in the same jacket, but rather than being single-sided like the original, both sides have been pressed with identical sampers from the same lacquer.