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Artist: Carrillion

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Bedroom Cassette Masters
Format: Tape
Carrillion 2
This second demo tape was recorded September - November 1983.

Simon Holland: Roland Juno 6 synthesizer, Roland CR-78 compu-rhythm, Piano, Deluxe Stylophone
Jason King: Unbranded bass guitar
Rachel Laine: Words & breaths on 'Sleepless'
Recorded partly with a Tascam 244 Portastudio. Effects: A broken WEM copycat echo-machine, (unbranded) practice amp with reverb.
Smooth Move   2:00
A lot of filter twiddling on this.  The title refers to making a move on a girl at a party.  At that time these synth pads seemed to be the perfect sonic analog to that feeling.

Instinct   3:20
The deluxe stylophone - with crackles from the poor contact (probably grease on the metal strip) sits on top of a simple chord structure, Jason and the CR-78 holding the rhythm down, with occasional knob-twiddling on the broken WEM.    

Hereward Cross   2:09
Quite a complex rhythm set up on the CR-78 here, and a simple driving tune.  Named after the local shopping centre!    

Almeria   2:53
This is supposed to be suggestive of late night beach walks - preferably with someone else - that filled my time on holiday in Spain.  The stylophone throught the WEM is supposed to suggest a saxophone(!).            
Sleepless   3:37
Concerned with middle of the night wakefulness, plenty of white noise mixed in with the long decay Juno notes and more WEM twiddling!  The heavily WEM-processed voice and breaths are by Rachel Laine.

Schoolbus Girl   2:46
There was a girl.  She went to my school.  Sometimes she was on the schoolbus.  ‘nuff said.