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Beyond The Graves Of Passion

Artist: Theatre Of Ice

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No: Demented Mind Mill, 006
Format: Tape
A1   Red Asphalt
A2   Fox
A3   Steps Toward Sanity
A4   The Creature
A5   It's All For Fun
A6   The Hour Has Come
A7   The Classics
A8   Going Nowhere
A9   Termination
A10   But To Love You
A11   In Our Haunted World
B1   The Apparition
B2   Miron
B3   It Doesn't Matter
B4   Bizarre Thoughts
B5   Funeral Games
B6   It's Time For You
B7   Moon Dance Daze
B8   Chill Factor
B9   A Haunting Melody
B10   From The Tomb



Recorded at the Demented Mind Mill and live at various locations between January 4th and May 13th, 1984. 

A Tortured Product Of The Demented Mind Mill