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Escape From The Cage, Vol 2: Into The Underworld

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Auricle
Catalog No: Auricle AMC 041
Format: Tape
A1 –Morphogenesis Improvisation 147, Part 1 8:30
A2 –N.R. Hills Dark Satanic Hills 3:59
A3 –Biomechanoid (2) Minon 6:00
A4 –Sleaze Art Les Jungles ApocrypesProducer [Produced By] – Kaspar T. Toeplitz* 7:20
A5 –Arcane Device 6ft In Diameter (Approx)Recorded By – David Myers* 2:43
A6 –Michael Winnerholt Yuko 5:07
A7 –Context (3) Product 8 5:33
B1 –Peter Frohmader Underground 9:02
B2 –Alto Stratus PreflectionSynthesizer [Various Synthesizers] – Alto Stratus 5:53
B3 –Limpe Fuchs SteinspielRecorded By – M. Grobe (2) 4:31
B4 –Clothearz HorsedeathmusicNoises [Various Noises] – ClothearzOther [Snareless Snare Drum] – Phil 5:20
B5 –Frame Advance Elevator Shaft 4:56
B6 –Jack Tamul Ember Days 4:17
B7 –Asmus Tietchens Hydro-Linear, Part 2 4:18
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – Tachyon Studio
  • Recorded At – Nekropolis Studio
  • Recorded At – Gasteig, München
  • Recorded At – Audiplex Studios
  • Compiled By – Alan Freeman
A1. Recorded in London.
A2. Recorded at NR Hills' private studio.
A3. Recorded at Tachyon Studio 1989.
A4. Recorded during 1988.
A5. Recorded in New York.
A6. Recorded at home in Sweden.
A7. Recorded in 1986.
B1. Recorded at Nekropolis Studio November 1989.
B2. Half speed backwards echoed remix!
B3. Recorded at Gasteig Munchen.
B4. Recorded 17 September 1988.
B5. Sound construction at Tachyon Studio Feb 199.
B6. Recorded in Jonestown, Florida.
B7. Recorded at Audiplex Studio, Hamburg.

Compiled Spring 1990.
Many thanks to all contributors!
Published April 1990.

A special limited edition (quantity unspecified).