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Live In Acapulco

Artist: Deficit Des Annes Anterieures (D.D.A.A.)

Year: 1981
Country: France
Catalog No: Illusion Production, IP 007
Format: Tape-2
A1 Off Shore  
A2 Demain La Guerre  
A3 Telegram Sam (Mark Bolan)  
A4 Reine Africaine  
A5 Machinery Can Move It  
A6 Plaza De Toros  
B1 Sailing Boat Brand  
B2 I'm The Walrus (Lennon-McCartney)  
B3 Round Voyage To India  
B4 Improvisation 1  
B5 Guawa  
B6 Bourbon St.  
C1 Ready With The Answer  
C2 Improvisation 2  
C3 Improvisation 3  
C4 Improvisation 4  
C5 Le Macon Davidor  
C6 Le Monde En Couleurs  
C7 Dans Le Grand Hall  
C8 Souvent Desert  
D1 Danse Papou  
D2 Bourbon St. No. 2  
D3 Miss Vandann  
D4 50 Annees De Travail  
Recorded Live At Club Regency In Acapulco, December 25, 1980.