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Artist: Various

Year: 1993
Country: Canada
Label: Anathema
Catalog No: Anathema: ANAC-001
Format: Tape
Spezification: professionally duplicated cassette in Philips case, color-photocopy cover
A1 –Crawl/Child Such Traitorous Blood  
A2 –Chronic Remorse Basements  
A3 –Bitter Harvest The Current  
A4 –Unit 731 Freak  
A5 –Sotto Voce (3) Landscape With Voyeuristick Machines  
B1 –Parade Crush  
B2 –The Infant Cycle The Stone Room  
B3 –Mindsculpture* Morpyth  
B4 –Ex Oblivione Excerpt From "Ex Oblivione"  
B5 –Phÿcus Povercide


Quantity of initial release: 50 copies, April 1993


Further editions: another 50 copies were duplicated, June, 1993

Still available: yes, a few copies

Comments: "Anathemata" was a various artists compilation cassette I released on my own label Anathema, in 1993. It consisted of 10 tracks by mostly local Toronto or Southern Ontario bands (with the exception of Phycus, which was Montreal-based but had Toronto members, myself included). Styles varied considerably amongst the bands (noise, experimental, musique-concrete, dark ambient, industrial rock, pop, metal) but all fit reasonably well within what could be considered "industrial music". - W.A.Davison