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Residue Of The Residents

Artist: Residents

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: Ralph Records, RZ-8302
Format: Vinyl Lp
Spezification: vg+/ex
A1   The Sleeper
A2   Whoopy Snorp
A3   Kamakazi Lady
A4   Boy In Love
A5   Shut Up! Shut Up!

A6   Anvil Forest
A7   Diskomo
B1   Jailhouse Rock

B2   Ups & Downs
B3   Walter Westinghouse
B4   Saint Nix
Open Up
Notes and informations taken from the back sleeve:

- track A1: written in 1979, inspired by Ennio Morriconi's "Magic And Ecstasy",
- track A2: released in 1977 on Blorp Esette Volume One, a compilation of songs released by a Los Angeles based free music society,
- track A3: recorded in 1971 on length tape (never been released) before the existence of Ralph Records,
- track A4: recorded at the time of Mark Of The Mole,
- track A5: extra one-minute song that, while not on Commercial Album, was released in England and France on singles. The Residents excluded it from the album because they thought it sounded too trendy. Fred Frith carries this song with his "heavy" guitar,
- track A6: written for The Tunes Of Two Cities LP, but there was no room to put it on,
- track A7: this version of Diskomo / Goosebump has been remixed and edited to approximately half of its original length,
- track B1: recorded in the Summer of 1982 as a break from rehearsal on "The Mole Show",
- track B2: original recording (lasting some 3:04). Was adapted and re-recorded to be included in a one-minute version in Commercial Album,
- track B3: has been remixed, though the length is the same. Was on the EP Babyfingers the third side of Fingerprince. This was release later through the Residents fan club. "Walter" can also be found in it's original form on the Recommended Records Sampler in England,
- track B4: was put on tape shortly after the resignation of President Nixon. The original vocal proved to be unsuitable and was re-recorded for inclusion here,
- track B5: written for The Tunes Of Two Cities LP, but there was no room to put it on. Features a fine guitar solo by Snakefinger.

"This is not part three of the Mole Trilogy"
Manufactured by Ralph / 109 Minna Street #391 / San Francisco CA 94105 / ? 1983, Ralph / RZ-8302

© ? 1983 - Ralph

Black vinyl only release. However, on some copies, looking at the disc through a strong light, a dark blue translucent color appears due to the composition of the material.