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DD. Records

Years running:
Country: Japan
Japanese industrial and avantgarde label active from 1980-85 and run by T. Kamada. This early 1980´s Japanese cassette label has to be the most amazing DIY effort ever undertaken to document an alternative music scene. During his medical studies one T. Kamada who was a synthesist inspired by the works of Eno undertook issuing a series of 222 cassettes over the span of approximately 3 years. The music he issued ranged form experimental pop, no wave, free jazz, electronic, techno and experimental psych rock + various hybrids of them all as well. In many ways, DD Records was done in the spirit of, and at times sounded like some of the works released by B. Total, IP and PPP from France + YH R (UK) and Trans mitter label (Germany). DDR was done with a very Japanese avant-cultural mindset however that was / is still today non-European in many ways, thus indescribable to some extent. Each cassette came with photocopied printed matter, photocopied cassette art insert, and was duplicated in real time, exclusively as aspecial order for only 1 retail outlet outside of Japan in the USA. They are perhaps the most rare artifacts of Japanese excperimental music to exist.