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Fairy-tales & Myths

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Belgium
Label: 3RIOART
Catalog No: 3RIOART, none
Format: Tape
A1 Joseph Campbell (2) Introduction
A2 Vidna Obmana Within Withering Memories
A3 David Keyes A Mar I Usque Ad Mar I
A4 Psyclones Ancient Age
A5 Dino Oon, Konrad Kraft Ethona
A6 S·Core Untitled
A7 Pier Luigi Andreoni Whispers
A8 Omewenne Locks Of The Tower
A9 Machinetool Rituals Part 1
A10 Martin Franklin & Richard Clare Sea & Sky
B1 Hybryds The Call
B2 PBK Rewriting Sacred Words
B3 The Music Society Winter Strange
B4 Hybryds Rhythm Of The Ritual
B5 This Window The Rape Of Edgar
B6 Hybryds Rhythm Of The Ritual
B7 Film Noir (3) & Strange Nursery La Chasse Galerie
B8 Machinetool Rituals Part 3
B9 A Gethsemani Pieter Both
B10 Brain Ink More Blood Part 3