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Years running:
Country: France
DMA1 was a French cultural association founded in 1979 in the city of Bordeaux. Association mainly hosted coldwave and post-punk concerts. Following its termination in 1983 due to financial reasons and a desire for redirection of common genres to obscurer industrial, experimental music and performance art, its founder Andre Lombardo, alongside Catherine Cammas, founded another association in 1984 named DMA2. Finding out about the Atonal Festival in Berlin, they soon initiated 6 editions of a successful annual festival in Bordeaux called Divergences/Divisions and, a cassette label. The label put out 5 releases on cassettes and 2 on vinyl. Even though it was common that the audience was filming and recording the festival, not all recordings are recovered up until today. Officially, the organisation filmed the 5th festival. The organization's activity remained until 1990. Together, Andre (Inhibition93) and Catherine Cammas (Répulsion, Nuits Blanches, Diskomo) also hosted several radio shows on Radio Côte D'Argent in Bordeaux.

Written by: Mors Mea
Short for DEFENSE DES MUSIQUES ACTUELLES 2. A French (Bordeau) record label and project organising a yearly festival “DIVERGENCES/DIVISIONS”, aimed at propagating the works of artists dealing in industrial avant-garde of rock music and its post-industrial varieties, e.g. LE SYNDICAT, The HATERS, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, MERZBOW or VIVENZA. It operated from 1984 to 1989 and was headed by Andre DMA2 was also well known as the organisator of an annual industrial festival in their city, "Divergences/Divisions".
Years running: 1984-1990