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Trial By Intimacy (The Book Splendours)

Artist: Bill Nelson

Year: 1984
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Cocteau Records JEAN 2
Format: Vinyl Lp-4


  The Summer Of Gods Piano
A1 Antennae Two  
A2 Transmission (N.B.C. 97293)  
A3 The Sleep Of Hollywood  
A4 The Celestial Bridegroom  
A5 Under The Red Arch  
A6 Orient Pearl  
A7 Sacrament  
A8 Falling Blossoms  
A9 The Difficulty Of Being  
A10 Zanoni  
A11 The Chinese Nightingale  
B1 Tantra  
B2 Soon September (Another Enchantment)  
B3 Rural Shires  
B4 Perfidio Incanto  
B5 The Lost Years  
B6 The Charm Of Transit  
B7 Night Thoughts (Twilight Radio)  
B8 Wysteria  
B9 Swing  
B10 Snowfall  
B11 Real Of Dusk  
B12 Over Ocean  
  Chamber Of Dreams (Music From The Invisibility Exhibition)
C1 The Blazing Memory Of Innuendo  
C2 Into The Luminous Future  
C3 A Dip In The Swimming Pool Reactor  
C4 Tommorowland (The Threshold Of 1947)  
C5 Listening To Lizards  
C6 My Endless Torsion  
C7 Sublime Perversion  
C8 Eros In Autumn  
C9 Sleeplessness  
D1 The Latest Skyline  
D2 Train Of Thought  
D3 Parks And Fountains, Clouds And Trees  
D4 The Golden Bough  
D5 Forever Orpheus  
D6 In Arcadia  
D7 Sentimental  
D8 Autumn Fires  
D9 Wild Blue Yonder  
  Pavilions Of The Heart And Soul
E1 Gift Of The August Tide  
E2 Loving Tongues  
E3 Blue Nude  
E4 In The Realm Of Bells  
E5 Your Nebulous Smile  
E6 The Glance Of A Glittering Stranger  
E7 Another Kiss For Your Slender Neck  
E8 The Warmth Of Women's Eyes  
E9 Seduction (Ritual With Roses)  
E10 Dreamed Embraces  
F1 Four Pieces For Imaginary Strings: Herself With Her Shadow  
F2 Four Pieces For Imaginary Strings: The Exquisite Corpse  
F3 Four Pieces For Imaginary Strings: Ardent Hands  
F4 Four Pieces For Imaginary Strings: Her Laughing Torso  
F5 Migrating Angels  
F6 Les Amoureux  
F7 Meshes Of The Afternoon  
F8 Mountains Of The Heart  
F9 Willow Silk  
F10 Tender Encounters (States Of Grace)  
F11 Melancholia  
F12 The Eternal Female  
  A Catalogue Of Obsessions
G1 Sex Party Six  
G2 Wider Windows For The Walls Of The World  
G3 Time In Tokyo  
G4 Happily Addicted To You  
G5 Snakes With Wings  
G6 The Boy Pilots Of Bangkok  
G7 Erotikon  
G8 Birds In Two Hemispheres  
G9 Windmills In A World Without Wind  
H1 Love's First Kiss  
H2 Initiation Of The Heart's Desire  
H3 Edge Of Tears  
H4 Test Of Affection  
H5 Words Across Tables  
H6 A Promise Of Perfume  
H7 This Dangerous Age  
H8 The Glass Breakfast  
H9 Talk Technique  
H10 The Last Summer For Dancing  
H11 View From A Balcony  



"I have often found a painter's sketchbook and his finished work to be of equal interest. Despite their apparent lack of sophistication, sketches invariably posses a simplicity and freshness encapsulating all the essential qualities of an idea. It is with this promise in mind that I release 'Trial By Intimacy', a musical sketchbook of instrumental moods captured during many private moments over the last few years.

Although recorded on 'low-tech' domestic equipment, these eighty-three pieces of music are not to be confused with 'demo-tapes' but as a continuation of the process begun in 1979-1980 with my "Sounding The Ritual Echo" album. The set is presented unpolished and complete with all its technical deformities for which I offer no apology. Despite or perhaps because of this, these previously unreleased pieces have become very dear to my heart.

Intuition, spontaneity and the high disregard for error correction were the only rules adhered to during the recording process (Laziness sometimes possessing its own virtue). Each piece of music was dealt with as an infant deals with building-blocks and instinct was always given precedence over reason.

A great deal of time has been spent editing the material into the four albums contained here although there are as yet another forty or so pieces not represented. I acknowledge the difficulties presented to the listener by such a large volume of music and can only suggest that listening should not be rushed in any way. Time and patience will, I hope unveil the innocent charm of what for me has been both a labour of love and a personal exorcism."

- Bill Nelson, Oct '84.

4 LP boxed set, limited to 5000 copies, containing four previously unreleased albums, a set of 8 postcards and a book of Bill's photography entitled "The Arcane Eye".

The first releases of "Trial By Intimacy" did not have a book due to problems with assembly. Cocteau included a letter on how you can receive a book in the box.

The albums each have their own catalogue number and are as follows:

The Summer Of Gods Piano (JC6)
Chamber Of Dreams (Music From The Invisibility Exhibition) (JC7)
Pavilions Of Heart And Soul (JC8)
A Catalogue Of Obsessions (JC9)

Some versions of this Box Set appear to omit the track "Tantra" from "The Summer Of God's Piano" (B1).