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Private Sounds

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Audio Edition Ammerland, AEA8
Format: Tape
A1 P.Zincken* Untitled
A2 Shozo Shimamoto Untitled
A3 Cripure* Untitled
A4 Luca Miti Untitled
A5 K.Groh* Untitled
A6 György Galantai* Untitled
A7 E.Pilcher* + Alice Pilcher Untitled
A8 P.Brushky* Untitled
A9 Jun Karamitsu* Untitled
A10 Dong Walker Untitled
A11 F.-J.Weber* Untitled
A12 Unauthorized* Untitled
A13 H.Slock* Untitled
B1 Robin James (2) Untitled
B2 Lon Spiegelman Untitled
B3 Chondros* / Katsiani* Untitled
B4 Ruud Janssen Untitled
B5 Tomy Mews Untitled
B6 Mystery Hearsay Untitled
B7 Berserker Untitled
B8 Hitomi Arimoto Untitled
B9 Yutaka Tanaka Untitled
B10 Elisabeth Bartling / Sigi Busch* Untitled
B11 Urbain Autopsy Untitled
B12 Mario Marzidovšek* Untitled


(c) by the authors 1987