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The 8-Voice Stereo-Canon Realization 11/25/73 Of The Black Tarantula Crossword Gathas S/Sided, C90

Artist: Jackson Mac Low

Year: 1999
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Edition S Press, TONBAND No. 33 REISSUE
Format: Tape
Spezification: reissue
A The 8-Voice Stereo-Canon Realization (11/25/73) Of The Black Tarantula Crossword Gathas 32:53
8 Voice Stereo Canon (The 4 overlaid performances begin on channel one about 20 two: a "4-against-4" canon.) by Jackson MacLow of his "The Black Tarantula Crossword Gathas", written (drawn) 8/25/73 & after. Realized at NYU Composers' Workshop N.Y. - 11/25/73.