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Our Nebula Incured '89

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Corrosive Tapes, C013
Format: Tape
A1 Black Tape For A Blue Girl From The Tightrope 4:30
A2 Black Tape For A Blue Girl Am I So Deceived? 5:20
A3 Black Tape For A Blue Girl Beneath The Planks 4:30
A4 Black Tape For A Blue Girl Seven Days Till Sunrise 2:15
A5 Andy Stochansky 20 Paces 4:40
A6 Wende Bartley Ellipbeat 5:40
A7 Violence And The Sacred Teddy Died (Excerpt) 2:50
B1 Radio Diffusor Maracaibo Western 1:20
B2 Radio Diffusor Maracaibo Jazz-Session 3:40
B3 Radio Diffusor Maracaibo Musik Fur Einen Film 2:15
B4 Radio Diffusor Maracaibo Fleissige Hande 2:55
B5 Radio Diffusor Maracaibo Moving 2:10
B6 Radio Diffusor Maracaibo Collage 2 2:40
B7 Buchal Untitled 1:00
B8 Bongo Muz Hlava* Untitled 2:10
B9 Veseli Filistinove* Untitled 1:20
B10 Odvazna Srdce* Untitled 1:05
B11 Brusi?ova Parta, Stredni Europa* Untitled 1:15
B12 Žampiony V Našich Botách*, Mushrooms In Our Shoes Untitled 1:00
B13 Sidonova* Untitled 0:35
B14 Kvety Intimnich Nalad* Untitled 1:05
B15 Maxa* Untitled 0:25
B16 Maxa* Cernovsek Dzou 4:40


Limited to 100 numbered copies.