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Artist: Big City Orchestra / Illusion of Safety

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: Realization Recordings, RZC-003
Format: Tape
A1   Doodle Sack
A2   The Cull Wapt The Mort's Bite
A3   Dumb Glutton
A4   Only Cods The Curate
A5   Cupid's Kettle Drums
A6   Carvel's Ring
A7   Dock Smack Smooth
B1   Old Hat
B2   Crinkum Crankum
B3   A Cauliflower Have None
B4   Capon
B5   Or You Will Shew Your Money
B6   Windpipe Passage
B7   Whore Pipe Chamber Lye
B8   That Has Flowers Every Month
Mail-collaboration January - March 1990. 
Includes color outer j-card and b&w cardstock inner j-card.