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Ephemera 06

Press/Orga: Ephemera

Country: Netherlands
Format: Mag/Lit
Issue 6: April, 1978, 8pp. includes Robin Crozier collage element to recto, stapled 'Notes' attached to page 2, 2pp stapled insert by Niels Lomholt and Tom Elling, Barbara J. Hahn stickers, Edgardo Antonio Vigo flyer glued to page and contributions by Balint Szombathy, Clemente Padin, Martha Rosler, Richard Hartwell, Gunther Bruss, Horst Hahn, John Christie, Ian Tyson, Peter Frank, Davi Deti Hompson, G. A. Cavellini, Richard Kostelanetz, Genesis P-Orridge, AY-O, John Furnival, Sarenco, Opal Nations, Ken Friedman, Bob Watts, Les Levine, Alison Knowles, John Baldessari