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Artist: Carrillion

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Bedroom Cassette Masters
Format: Tape
Simon Holland: Roland Juno 6, Roland CR-78, Casio VL-1, Stylophone, Piano.
Jason King: Unbranded bass guitar on 'Sunny Lanes'
Recorded on a Tascam  244 with a WEM echo machine & unbranded guitar amplifier
Recorded and Produced by Simon Holland, November 1983.
Foggy Polaroid   1:45    
I was using an old cassette on the four track for this and in the background I could hear a muffled voice going backwards... this led to the concept for the track and I therefore did not add any more overdubs, leaving it as it is... the voice blurred beyond meaning, like a faded photograph.

Sunny Lanes   2:07
By the time of this album I was on the brink of going out with Rachel Laine and the title of this track is a play on her name. Unusually this track does not feature the Juno 6 until the last part.
Uncertain Prospect   2:48
Ambient with a reversed Casio VL-1 rhythm again. The 'Uncertain Prospect' was my soon-to-be girlfriend Rachel... would she, wouldn't she?

Slowmo       3:54
Rather an unusually old fashioned sounding track for me - reminds me of a old dance hall. The organ-type sound is actually the Stylophone through Jase The Bass's amplifier with the built in reverb unit turned up full.

Express   3:06
Technically complicated this track has the CR-78's rhythm 'dry' on one Portastudio channel while the same rhythm is fed through the broken WEM tape echo and then through Jason's amp with reverb on. I was flipping through the 'voices' on the deluxe Stylophone as I played. The Juno's brassy sound implies some sort of victory.
Memoire du Toi   2:27
Inspired by a Jean-michel Jarre track a friend had recorded for me called 'Souvenir of China'. I tried to make this track sad and full of longing, but somehow hopeful... Rhythm from Casio VL-1, chords from Juno 6 and melody played on Stylophone.