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Der Apathische Alptraum

Artist: Der Apathische Alptraum

Year: 1981
Country: Germany
Label: Selektion
Catalog No: Selektion, SC 006
Format: Tape
Spezification: Reissue
A1 Sekundar 2:10
A2 Pix 1:35
A3 Nonverbale Jugend 3:45
A4 Alles Ist So Schrecklich Gut 1:55
B1 Im Rhythmus Des Fortschritts 6:50
B2 Lully 0:30
B3 Caruso 1:20
B4 Dunkle Verwicklungen 0:40
Home Produktion, March-July 1981. First published on Wahrnehmungen in 1981.

Instruments used: Tapes, voices, feedback, fuzz effects, bass, pinball machine, trains, roller shutter, synth, nature, typewriters, yardbirds, birds, bells, radio... no guitar.
Recorded with Revox A 77, Akai CS MO1.
Tapes used BASF Ferro.