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"Home Recordings" / "In Heaven"

Artist: Sex Bizarre / Sex Bizarre & Laser Son

Year: 1985
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Monochrome Tapes, SEX 0107
Format: Tape

  Sex Bizarre "Home Recordings"  
A1   God's Will
A2   Crisple
A3   The Undead Lion
A4   MCH 78
A5   Coolcab
A6   Guitarloop
A7   The Happy Boys (Dress In White)
A8   Drum Logistics 1
A9   Marga
A10   Evil Senses
A11   G4
A 12   PNG
A13   Harbour Plants
A14   Pussytronic
    Sex Bizarre & Laser Son "In Heaven" 7.6.85  
B1   Pussytronic
B2   Six Peg
B3   Free Jazz
B4   Cpt. USA (Bird)
B5   Tape Ambience
B6   Discorder
B7   Bagloop
B8   Pussytronic 2
B9   Four Walls
B10   Six Peg
B11   Cpt. USA (Bird)
B12   Entangled