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Organic Tapes

Years running:
Country: France

Organic Tapes Diffusion was founded by Didier Gibelin and Ratty in 1986 in Annonay, the north of Ardèche in France. The labels foremost idea was to release the production of the experimental project Objection. In 1987 Didier and Ratty moved to Grenoble. Didier promoted the label through the radio station where he worked. They made additional contacts by corresponding with various labels and fanzines. Contact with bands such as News'Dustbins, Pavillon 7B, ex-Epitaph, Resistance from Dijon, rapidly multiplied correspondences so they offered the first catalog of mail-order sales of cassettes and discs that were either edited by themselves or distribution. Considered genres were electronic, experimental and industrial, cold wave, punk rock and hardcore punk. Soon, they founded association “1901”. Isabelle joined Didier to take charge of the promotional part of the label, which then became Organic Tapes, financed with their own budget. In early 1992, Isabelle lessened her activities. In order to preserve an optimal level of efficiency, Jean-Emmanuel and Chrystelle Marin have thus taken her position by taking charge of a catalog promotion, partly its distribution and monitoring of contacts by groups and labels. Extending their activities beyond the cassette as a medium, both in terms of publishing and distribution, Organic Tapes founded a new association “Apdrama” that dealt with refining the quality of a visual side of the label as “Organic”. From the early 90s, they started releasing CDs and vinyl. “Land” and “Glyptique” were part of the label/association.


It also appears as Organic T. D. Produkt, Organic Tapes Prod., Organic Produkt, Organic Tapes Diffusion / A.P.E.A.C.


Conapt-Sounds, Organic, Land:
APDRAMA ORGANIC 10, rue Blériat 38100 - Grenoble (France)
Tel / Fax : +33 (0)4 76 49 08 25