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Best of Volume... I / The Best of Volume I

Artist: Throbbing Gristle

Year: 1975
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Industrial Records, IR0000 - Music from the Death5Factory
Format: Tape
This is the very first edition given to a few friends in December 1975 (three months after the formation of Throbbing Gristle) prior to the founding of Industrial Records in January 1977 still calling the Label (if they had this in mind in 1976) most likely Music from the Death Factory

Its a C-60 Cover of a Maxell Super LN-Tape (Tapes were produced between 1972 and 1975) with a red C-90 Compact Cassette-Tape as used in the mid 70’s and as used by TG on several Tapes to record their sessions and their early live-recordings in 1976 and before they started Industrial Records.

It has the hand-writing of Chris Carter on both sides of the Tape-Labels.

It states Music from the Death Factory with copyright 1976 on the Compact Cassette Tape as well as the name of the person it was sent to.

Its pre-Industrial Records and therefore probably not mentioned or neglected in the official TG / Industrial Records Discography.

But the Tape is exactly as described with the Info from Brainwashed:

"All material previously unrelesased. This tape was originally hand copied and sent to friends" Incorectly marked as a C60 on the tape linear notes. All the tracks on the tape are instrumental studio demos except Untitled 12 and Very Friendly. The versions of We Hate You Little Girls are instrumentals, at the end of ver. 1 applause and cheering can be heard as well someone saying "thank you", at the end of ver. 2 Genesis can be heard saying "It\'s getting worse, i\'n\' it?“ The second last track on the tape is a recording of an American magician explaining a trick. The last track is a very distorted recording of two Neil Young songs - \'New Mama\' starts, then is restarted and runs into \'Look Out Joe\' - the recordings is taken from Young\'s 1975 album \'Tonight\'s The Night\'
Side One
1)   Untitled 1   1:13
2)   Untitled 2   2:24
3)   Untitled 3   0:56
4)   Untitled 4   1:45
5)   Untitled 5  15:37
6)   Untitled 6  1:45
7)   Untitled 7  1:13
8)   Untitled 8 3:06
9)   Untitled 9  1:13
10)  Untitled 10 1:01
11)  Untitled 119:09
12)  Untitled 12 (with vocals) 6:39
13)  Untitled 13  0:27

Side Two
1)   Untitled 14   1:00
2)   Untitled 15   0:40
3)   Untitled 16  10:30
4)   Untitled 17  1:13
5)   Very Friendly (Part 1) 11:55
6)   Very Friendly (Part 2) 10:13
7)   We Hate You Little Girls (ver. 1) 2:47
8)   We Hate You Little Girls (ver. 2)  2:50
9)   American Magician Talking  1:01
10)  Neil Young - New Mama / Look Out Joe  2:59