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Pourquoi De Resistance?

Artist: Non Toxique Lost

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Label: Can-Can
Catalog No: Can, Can, Can 27
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Hair  
A2 Ich Treffe Pee  
A3 Zufrieden  
A4 Mit Rita Über Die Gleise  
A5 Mit Rita Über Die Gleise  
A6 Sohn Mein  
A7 Ha-Hf  
B8 Kriegstanz  
B9 Might It Be Sailing  
B10 Gib Antwort A  
B11 Basf  
B12 Überleben  
B13 Because  
B14 Äusserste Konzentration  
This compiles tracks from earlier Can-Can releases:
A1, A3, A4 and B13 were first released on Wladiwostok 111984.
A2 and A5 were first released on Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft / Non Toxique Lost - Live.
A6 and A7 were first released on Tavo Ctas Esna.
B8, B9 and B10 were first released on Live Atonal 2 Berlin.
B11 and B12 were first released on Can-Can 11 (not yet in discogs).
B14 was first released on Rekonstruktionen.

The cover is a folded A4-sized photocopied sheet.

The insert features continuous track-numbering and is ambiguous regarding which tracks are on which side of the cassette, so the track positions listed here may not be entirely accurate.