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1 More Valley

Artist: Steve Fisk

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Label: K
Catalog No: K
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Swing Low 1:22
A2 Overture From "The Power Landscape" 4:09
A3 Kennedy Saga (Chapter VII) 3:29
A4 Piranesi Lounge 1:48
A5 Ghosts And Shadows 1:26
A6 Terrible Weapons 4:37
A7 Bolero 5:48
A8 Pigeon Holler Remix 6:03
B1 Hello 1:41
B2 Horror In The Middle Of Nowhere 7:04
B3 Latex 1:03
B4 Go At Full Throttle 2:29
B5 The Way 1:13
B6 Tragedy At Sea (Part II) 1:01
B7 Taxman 1:16
B8 Fsha Ryn 0:46
B9 1 More Valley 8:37
B10 A Cool Dry Place 3:42
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – Velvetone
  • Bass – Eric Jolly (tracks: A8), Greg Freeman (tracks: B9), Lee Hochberg (tracks: A2)
  • Composed By – Jane Whistler (tracks: A5), Richard Denner (tracks: A5), Scott Renderer (tracks: A5)
  • Design – Diane Szukovathy
  • Drums – George Romansic (tracks: A8), Bob Beerman* (tracks: B9)
  • Guitar – Bill Owen (tracks: A1, B8, B9), Gary Lee Conner (tracks: B9), P.S. O'Neill (tracks: A8), Sam Albright (2) (tracks: B4), Steve Peters (tracks: B2)
  • Other [Mutilated And Relocated Song] – Rich Jenson (tracks: B2)
  • Performer [Bellzouki] – Ben Fisk (tracks: A6)
  • Sitar [Bass Sitar] – Greg Freeman (tracks: B2)
  • Synthesizer, Sampler, Piano [Grand], Organ [Optigon], Vocals [Sang], Tape – Steve Fisk
  • Tape – Ben Fisk (tracks: A6)
  • Vocals – Donna Beck (tracks: A8), K.D. Davis (tracks: B9), Kelly Harland (tracks: A8), Mark Lanegan (tracks: B9), P.S. O'Neill (tracks: A8)
  • Written-By – Ben Fisk (tracks: A6), P.S. O'Neill (tracks: A2, A8, B8), Steve Fisk
Throughout this tape Steve Fisk played synthesizers, sampler, grand piano, optagon, sang, and cut lots of tape. Much of this material was recorded for inclusion on "448 Deathless Days" (SST 159). "Terrible Weapons" was originally released on "Audio Arm #3" (ARPH Cassettes) back in 1984. "Go At Full Throttle" appeared on the "Sub Pop 100" LP in 1986. "Pigeon Holler" was originally released on "Tomorrow's Waiting" (Velvetone, 1986). "The Power Landscape" is a movie directed by P.S. O'Neill going straight into home video sometime in 1989. The rhythm section on "Bolero" was originally ripped off and looped from "Cutting Corners" by Love Tractor, sorry Armstead. Tape, record and CD donations: Diane Szukovathy, Mike Souza, John Tillman, Mark Pickerel, Tom Reed, & Mr. Stu. All selections recorded at Velvetone except "1 More Valley" which was recorded at Tom Mallon's (San Francisco) with the SMPTE Time Code Generator Warner Bros. bought for Silvertone. A very large thank you to SST, Jon Boshard, Sam Albright, John Gullack, Clare Fisk, and K.