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La Cote D'Azur Edition Allemande

Artist: XX Century Zorro

Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Compact Cassette Echo
Format: Tape
A1 Phrase  
A2 Party Me Ending  
A3 Echo' Echo  
A4 Cinemascope In Moscow  
A5 Grammar Etiquette  
A6 The Phuture  
A7 Ventriloquous  
A8 Phon  
B1 Le Poupèe Electrique  
B2 Beaux' Call  
B3 Noir & Colour  
B4 8000 Days  
B5 Hypnosis Is  
B6 Neo Neon  
B7 Lacoste Azure  
B8 The Visit Oph Sea Sons  
B9 Nontiscordardimé  
B10 Le Poupèe Electrique  
Original release, later came out on vinyl LP. Cassette spread with glitter on one side.
Label reads: "Compact Cassette Echo c/o Hartmut Halfer, General Agent Phür Deutschland"