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Years running:
Country: Japan
Description: Japanese art collective and label named after the primordial material of the universe as named by George Gamow in the 1940's. Lead by Ueda, the members worked in design, pictures, poetry, music, tapes, photos, video, movies and dance. Other members included Ohmori, Konishi, Nonomura, Ohyama, Fukushima, Kato, Shiraishi, Hara, Aoki, Hagiwara, and Kataoka. The bands coming from the Ylem group were Airyfarm, Summition, Bushman-19, Perfect Mother, Mad Tea Party, and A.N. They also collaborated with Junko Tange (Tolerance) Yoshifumi Niinuma (Sympathy Nervous), Ohtomo (Marionett Karma), and Takahashi Oda (Ka Chi Fu Sui).