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Sick Society

Artist: APF Brigade

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Label: APF Tapes
Catalog No: APF Tapes, none
Format: Tape
A1   The Resistance Statement
A2   Sick Society
A3   Don't Vote
A4   Scared To Die
A5   Jesus Who
A6   I’ve Got A Nice Daddy
A7   Free Slave
A8   I'm Dying For A Fag
A9   Pig Song
A10   Happy Day
A11   It’s Fun Boys
A12   Hunting Punk
B1   Police Hate
B2   Man Created God
B3   Killed Joy
B4   Foot Sucks As Well
B5   The Race To Perfect Death
B6   No Party
B7   Exit
B8   Give A Little Peace Tonight
B9   Square Eyes
B10   I Defy The Bastards