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The Lowest Form Of Music - Sampler

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: United States
Label: RRRecords
Catalog No: RRRecords
Format: Tape
A1 Le Forte Four Japanese Super Heroes
A2 Le Forte Four Untitled
A3 Le Forte Four Untitled
A4 Doo-Dooettes Untitled
A5 Smegma I Am Not Artist
A6 Doo-Dooettes Zombie
A7 Dennis Duck One O'Clock Jump
A8 Rick Potts Untitled
A9 Tom Recchion Untitled
A10 Monique Et Aviv J'Attends
B1 Chip Chapman Music For Gamelan And Synthesizer
B2 Airway Live At LACE
B3 Le Forte Four Speed Racer
B4 Unknown Artist Untitled
B5 Unknown Artist Untitled
B6 Unknown Artist Untitled
B7 Dennis Duck Davey The Worm
B8 Rick Potts Untitled
B9 Tom Recchion Untitled
B10 Dinosaurs With Horns Sabertina's Country



Each side features ten 2 minutes extracts from each of the 10 CDs in the box set of the same name co-released by The Cortical Foundation and RRRecords. 
The tracks are only identified by announcements stating "extract number one", etc. 
The is wrapped in a double side photocopy with a collage of artwork on outside and the track listing of the box set inside.