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The Joke Project 1984

Artist: Seiei Jack Nackahara & Magthea

Year: 1984
Catalog No: TJP Distribution TJP008
Format: Tape
A-1 The Apocalypse 5:08
A-2 Japanoise 11:51
A-3 Performance For France 6:55
B-1 The Voice Of Mr. Zan 1:03
B-2 Mapping Scratching 3:22
B-3 Cruelty, Yesterday, Cavellini 8:02
B-4 Oso Re Mio 1:14
B-5 I Never Forget You 1:48
B-6 10 4:38
B-7 Caos 3:37
Companies, etc.
  • Published By – Hal McGee – none
This is an album titled "The Joke Project 1984".
The Joke Project is a world mail collaboration band by Seiei Jack
originally released on cassette, C46
The Joke Project Of International Mail Music & Art
Tokyo, Japan
uploaded by Hal McGee on March 20, 2012
with permission of Seiei Jack Nakahara