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Anti-music Australian performance groups living in Australia compiled by John Nixon

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Audio Arts
Catalog No: Audio Arts Supplement
Format: Tape
Spezification: Part of APROPOS Archive
A1 The Ballet (4)– Alexander Blok Pt 1
A2 No Artist– Intermezzo 7
A3 Heures Roses– Towards A New Art
A4 Forced Audience– Untitled
A5 Pink + Blue– The World Backwards
A6 Houres Of Fear– 4
A7 The Voice Of Drama A– Song Of Colours
A8 Red Megaphone– Untitled
A9 Two Greys Becoming– 2
A10 The Living Rococo– Untitled
B1 Musica Practica– A Method Of Composition
B2 House Of Journalists– Il Palazzo
B3 D/R/M– Untitled Music
B4 The Clock (2)– Red + Black
B5 Cultural Workers– HM
B6 Slave Guitars– 6
B7 The Black Spots (2)– Across A Distance
B8 A + D*– (T) D + R
  • Compiled By [Uncredited] – John Nixon
  • Edited By – William Furlong
A compilation of music and performance groups who work and live in Australia.
This cassette is a sampler.
As of August 1981 there are some 450 tracks recorded.
Correspondance to Anti-Music C/- Art Pojects 566 Lonsdale St., Melbourne. 3000 Australia.