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Reynard the Fox

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Germany
Label: In der Tat
Catalog No: In Der Tat, tat 18
Format: Tape
A1 The Dead Goldfish Ensemble Indeed
A2 Perfect Vision Clockjacks
A3 Trixie's Big Red Motorbike That's Quite A Lot / I'm Gonna Ride Away
A4 The Ghost Of Electricity Religious Persuasion
A5 Human Flesh Movie
A6 Leven Signs May Day
A7 The Legendary Pink Dots Love In A Plain Brown Envelope
A8 Clive Pig It Was Odd Seeing You Again
A9 Thomas Haag A Soft Touch
A10 Strange Fruit (2) Funny Valentine
A11 Rimarimba Xit
B1 The Detective Blood On Glass
B2 Dancing Free Fall Dancette
B3 Ut Mouse Sleep
B4 Bene Gesserit True Lama Oil
B5 The Lo Yo Yo Bad Intentions
B6 Ex-F-Explains* Mystery Collapse
B7 Cleaners From Venus Prince Of The Winter
B8 Nikki Sudden The Ragged School
B9 Casablanca Style Heading Back Home On No. Nine
B10 M.A.L. (2) Deviation Of Destiny
B11 Horst Keller A Wasp In A Wig
B12 The Noisician Gone To Hell In A Bucket (Part 5)


All material on this tape is exclusive. 
Title and sleeve are inspired by John Masefield's classic poem & the play of the Available Space theatre company. 
Dedicated to the Animal Liberation Front (although none of the artists were asked if they agreed with that...). 
Not for sale!