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Journey Into Pain / Meditative Experiment

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Japan
Catalog No: Beast 666 tapes BST 15
Format: Tape-4
  American Groovy Garbage
A1 –Band Of Susans Born Free 4:38
A2 –Sloth (15) Fetch The Wedge 2:51
A3 –When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water Puppet On A String 2:13
A4 –When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water Wives And Lovers 2:17
A5 –John Trubee Calls To Idiots 2:41
A6 –Workdogs Live At The Filmore East 5:06
A7 –Coo Coo Rocking Time* Love Part House No.2 1:22
A8 –Sloth (15) Thumbscrew 5:04
B1 –John Trubee & Ugly Janitors Of America When My Ship Rolls In 3:31
B2 –John Trubee & Ugly Janitors Of America Copulating Geckos 1:43
B3 –John Trubee & Ugly Janitors Of America Now I Step Over Your World 3:38
B4 –John Trubee & Ugly Janitors Of America Babylon (Throw Your Children To The Fire) 7:08
B5 –1/2 Japanese T For Texas 5:12
B6 –Eugene Chadbourne Another Day Gone Lawman Wrong 5:01
Weird Sweet Music
C1 –Capt. Don Leslie Tattoo Boogie 1:42
C2 –Psychodrama Jesus Cry 3:55
C3 –Architects Office AO 605.3 Live In Boulder 2:18
C4 –Denier Du Culte L'irreductible 5:48
C5 –Perez Von Die Thamar Raksetmek 3:24
C6 –Victor Nubla Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus 2:16
C7 –D.J. Lebowitz Because Of My Hemorrhoids 2:48
D1 –Sponge (4) Fragment E.L. 4:51
D2 –Enrico Piva 35 Kgs 9:44
D3 –P16.D4 Half Cut Cows Pt.3 5:09
D4 –Buirette* - Cabannes* - Fonfrède* Déssaroi 6:07
Scummy Trash Noise
E1 –The Gerogerigegege Super Mind Age 1:32
E2 –The Gerogerigegege Live At Good Man 8:13
E3 –The Gerogerigegege Noise 5:41
E4 –Masonna Deaqij Bo Riotrk 0:47
E5 –Masonna Jklidk 0:44
E6 –Masonna Sprwkrm Alitd 0:52
E7 –Masonna Oppipt Bqom 0:49
E8 –Masonna Holiday In The Sun 0:53
E9 –Incapacitants No Bank (Extract) 9:29
F1 –Odal Asoma 11:26
F2 –Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Viskoser Tod / La Mort Visqueuse 12:00
Meditative Experiment
G1 –Kallabris Baldur 6:36
G2 –Muslimgauze Iran 6:13
G3 –Function Disorder My Time 2:33
G4 –Autopsia Does The Knife Cry When It Enters The Skin 7:16
H1 –Cranioclast "Play It Again Erich!" 6:34
H2 –Frank Dommert Das Leben In Sülz 9:16
H3 –Asmus Tietchens Unter Der Vier 4:44
H4 –Core (2) LavirrADeparture 6:17