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Country: Netherlands
Format: Mag/Lit
Ephemera: A monthly journal of mail & ephemeral work, edited by Ulises Carrion, Aart van Barneveld, Anna Banana and Salvador Flores.Other Books & So, Amsterdam, 1978.
One of the most elegant, stylish, and essential mail art periodicals with strong links to both South American artists and Eastern European Avant Gardes. Beautiful design and layout by Carrion with variety of collage elements (but never too much as can be the case with some mail art pieces).
Issue 1 (photocopy for reference purposes only): November 1977, contributors include: Judith Hoffberg (sticker to recto) Silvia Steiger, Dorothy Iannone, Gabor Toth, Dick Higgins, Raul Marroquin, Pieter Mol, Paulo Bruscky, Robrt Filliou, Horacio Zabala and others,
Issue 2: December 1977, 8pp. includes Robin Crozier, G.J de Rook, Bill Mitchell, Ad Geritsen, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Cavellini (sticker to inside page)Michael Gibbs (rubber stamp), Endre Tot, Guy Schraenen (thumb print in blue ink), Thomas Niggl, together with Raul Marroquin 'Superbman's Arrival at Agora Studios' print insert.
Issue 3: January 1978, 8pp. collage element by Ulises Carrion (affixed in bag to front cover, "Fragment from the original film 'A Book', Amsterdam, 1972"), John Liggins ('cheek' print in orange ink), Pawel Petasz, Maurizio Nannucci, Jorge Caraballo, G.J. de Rook, Pauline Smith, Bob Watts, make up drawing by John Liggins and other collaged elements. 8pp.
Issue 4: January (February) 1978, 8pp. includes Harvey Lord, Ulises Carrion (rubberstamp), Albrecht D, Henryk Bzdok, Ko de Jonge, Al Souza, Dick Higgins, Herman Damen, General Idea, Cozette de Sharmay, Takako Saito, Ivald Granato 'Capetas Men' (envelope containing unique drawings) and a silver foil page piece by Hetty Huisman.
Issue 5: March, 1978, 10 pp, copy sealed with collage element to lower right corner with instructions to cut the journal open) includes collage element by Mehka to recto, Jeremy Adler, Chuck Stake, Jon Hendricks, Jean Toche, Gaber Toth, Anna Banana, and Hans Clavin loosely inserted page.
Issue 6: April, 1978, 8pp. includes Robin Crozier collage element to recto, stapled 'Notes' attached to page 2, 2pp stapled insert by Niels Lomholt and Tom Elling, Barbara J. Hahn stickers, Edgardo Antonio Vigo flyer glued to page and contributions by Balint Szombathy, Clemente Padin, Martha Rosler, Richard Hartwell, Gunther Bruss, Horst Hahn, John Christie, Ian Tyson, Peter Frank, Davi Deti Hompson, G. A. Cavellini, Richard Kostelanetz, Genesis P-Orridge, AY-O, John Furnival, Sarenco, Opal Nations, Ken Friedman, Bob Watts, Les Levine, Alison Knowles, John Baldessari
Issue 7: May, 1978, 8pp. a special issue by Ulises Carrion with green rubber stamp.
Issue 8: June, 1978, 8pp. includes Piotr Rypson, Anna Banana, Al Souza (rubberstamp), Giulia Niccolai, Tom van As. 8 pp with rubber stamps and special doublespread by Pawel Petasz - 'Ephemeral Motives' (a Surreal boardgame).
Issue 9: July, 1978, 8pp. includes Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Maurizio Nannucci, Chuck Stake, Leonard Fran Duch, Regina Silveira, Gabor Toth, chess with Ulises Carrion (rubberstamp) et. al. 8 pp with rubber stamps and Nervo Optico no. 10 folded document.
Issue 10: August 1978, Special Langwe Jart Issue includes Bill Gaglioni (1940-2040) and Anna Banana. 8pp, silver silkscreen on black stock.
Issue 11: September, 1978. Hungary Special includes Beke Laszlo, Karoly Halasz, Gabor Toth (sticker), includes stapled xeroxed sheet with Geller B Istvan contribution, Endre Tot, Gyorgy Galantai (rubberstamp), Geller B. Istvan et. al. 10 pp with colour rubber stamps and sticker.
Issue 12: October 1978, 8pp. Brazil Issue with rubberstamp to recto, collage elemnent to inside, Claudio Goulart thumbprint in pink ink, Gilman E Condoso needle collage, Flavio Pons rubberstamp/collage work, Gabriel Barba 'Peace on You' collage element, and C Goulart rubbertsmap, also includes Julio Plaza, V. Barcelloz, Paulo Bruscky, Regina Silveira, Leonhard Frank Duch, Claudio Goulart, Joaquim Branco.