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Short & Sweaty

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: Slang Tapes, none
Format: Tape
A1 Unit 731 (4) Born To Fly
A2 The Aac Improv Untitled
A3 Anonymus (28) Untitled
A4 Delgado`s Bull The Builder`s Noisy Experiment With A Hat
A5 Unsound Experiment Method #1 (Excerpt)
A6 Mark Klee A Pleasant Enough Disease
B1 Greg Hulak Edited Version
B2 Steve Winger (2) & Soul Dave Dub In Duo
B3 Dan McKinney One To Five
B4 Commie Martyrs Medley Of Unreleased Greatest Hits
B5 Unit 731 (4) 4th Of July Picnic


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