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Split Curtains

Press/Orga: Curtains

Year: 1975
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit

Split Curtains (1975) 132pp


Ramon Alejandro: cover drawing

Bernard Noël: (prose) from Les Premiers Mots

Maurice Blanchot: (prose) from Death Sentence (Parts 2&3)

Roger Laporte: (prose) from Fugue

Paul Buck: (poem) The Magic

Jacques Derrida: (essay) Edmond Jabès today

Michel Camus: (prose) Le Promenade

Michel Camus: (prose) The Walk

Paul Buck: (poem) Rumpled her cleaving

Michel Camus: (essay) The Serpent of Priapus

Georges Bataille: (poems) from L’Archangelic

Colette Deblé: drawings for The Deadman

Georges Bataille: (prose) The Deadman

Paul Buck: (poem) Her manual

Ulli McCarthy: (poem) Airtex & the Blueboys

Jeff Nuttall: drawings for Airtex & the Blueboys

Jean Frémon: (poem) After Death

Bernard Noël: (essay) The mouth and the language

Paul Buck: (poems) The cunt that rains / My ma and young rachel

Glenda George: (prose) violating lust

Glenda George: poem with drawing

Georges Bataille: from The Blue of the Sky

Jeff Nuttall: drawings for Bataille

Pierre Dhainaut: (poem) Face à phalle

Charles Juliet: (prose & poem) from Pages de journal 1957-1968 / from Bribes le non-chemin 1956-1970

Robert Varlez: drawings

Jean Pierre Faye: (poems) from La renverse la frappe / Eye torn out

Bernard Noël : (poem) the big white evil

Bernard Noel: (essay) Some propositions on the alejandroides

Ramon Alejandro: Virginal

Pierre Dhainaut: (essay) Ramon Alejandro’s Machines to see

Ramon Alejandro: (prose) from Pure Perte

Ramon Alejandro: drawings

Peter Inch: (poem) Cavities

Tony Duvert: (essay) from Le corps du désir

Paul Buck: (poems) Virginal

Paul Buck: (essay) The anachronic thread & his/her head

Jean Pierre Faye: (essay) Movement of the change of forms and manifest poetry

André Velter: (poems) One proof much like another / Silence and its doubles

Georges Bataille: (essay) from This Accursed Wealth

Paul Buck : (poem) Portrait de Georges Bataille

Jean Daive: (poem) The imitation of entropy, the divine “Partition”, 19.10.71

Paul Buck: (poem) frontispiece to Une messe blanche

Gad Hollander: (poems) from The Book of Cries

Jean Frémon: (poem) Gestures/Cry

Paul Buck: (poem) Le Voyageur Muet

Peter Inch: (prose & drawings) from Ways and Means

Paul Buck: (poems) Homme qui saute / Kamasutra: El motadini