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Finger in The Dike

Years running:
Country: Netherlands
Finger In The Dike was an initiative that aimed to produce cassette releases led by Ricky Schouten. This very alternative record label was giving novice groups the opportunity to make their creations available. Free, because the label emphatically stated that no profit should be made. One or more groups were mostly presented per C60 cassettes. However, C30 cassettes were also taken into consideration. First, artists had to supply a master tape, which was then duplicated in a professional studio. A maximum of twenty copies was produced per release. Nevertheless, the recommended retail price remained low. Produced cassettes were offered by Finger In The Dike themselves to the record stores. There were contacts made with the Rough Trade in London outside of the Netherlands. Dutch tape label from the early 1980s. Contact Info: [now obsolete] Finger In The Dike Vrijheidslaan 34 3621 HH Breukelen Holland Tel. 03462-1912