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Artist: Variant Cause

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: K.D.T.Records
Format: Tape
Tracklist on Cassette differs from CD; Complete tracklist is repeated oin side B; insert card is printed, not copied,and include lyrics and information; Cassette Labels are printed
A1   I Live By The Freeway 4:05
A2   Lankin' Leaning Colleen 3:22
A3   Exotic Locale 4:04
A4   Out On The Streets For Love Again 3:33
A5   Kamikaze Cabaret 3:54
A6   Ain't Got None Of Nothing No More 3:23
A7   You Put Me In The Hospital 3:58
A8   Here Comes The Glamour 3:08
A9   Complete Details 3:25
A10   Marathon Man
A11   Overstimulation
A12   I Faced The Insomnia Squad 4:24