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The Secret Like Crazy

Artist: Algebra Suicide

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Label: RRRecords
Catalog No: RRRecords, RRR 022, Dom Elchklang, 001
Format: Tape
A1   Little Dead Bodies 4:45
A2   Somewhat Bleecker Street 1:30
A3   Gist 2:24
A4   (A Proverbial Explanation For) Why No Action Is Taken 2:28
A5   Father's By The Door 2:45
A6   Tractor Pull 2:20
A7   Tuesday Tastes Good 2:50
A8   In Bed With Boys 2:07
A9   Sinister 3:20
B1   True Romance At The World's Fair 1:42
B2   Tonight 2:12
B3   Please Respect Our Decadence 2:15
B4   Heat Wave 3:05
B5   No War Bride 1:25
B6   Let's Transact 2:23
B7   Lethargy 2:12
B8   Amusing One's Self 2:15
B9   Recalling The Last Encounter 1:43
B10   Seasonal Zombies 3:00
B11   Agitation 1:28



Engineered at Soto Sound Studios, Evanston, IL. 

First edition in white sleeve with black symbols. 
Printed inner sleeve with the lyrics. 

Track A4 on inner sleeve: A Proverbial Explanation Of Why No Action Is Taken. 
Track A4 on label: Why No Action Is Taken. 

All material ©? 1987 by Algebra Suicide.