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Artist: Genocide Organ

Year: 1989
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Tesco
Format: Tape
  Inner Life
A1 Satanic 6:13
A2 Anti Metall 4:43
A3 Wir Lieben Dich 3:56
A4 Made In Germany 3:58
A5 Abnorm 4:28
A6 Lost 6:42
  Inner Death
B Inner Death 30:00
  • Performer – D.A.X*, Doc M. Riot, Roland Freisler, Wilhelm Herich
Limited hand-numbered edition. Comes in a snapcase with unique handmade artwork.

From the cover: "This is a special limited promo tape. By time they are not more known as your number. Possibly every tape with different individual sound, only for the receiver."

A2 recorded live at the Trafohaus Mannheim 08.04.89.

There are two more track titles for side A (Liba Non and A Summer Rite) which were struck through.
Side B has a title but no sound.