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Blue Camel

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Audio Edition Ammerland, AEA 5
Format: Tape
A1 Frieder Kerler Untitled
A2 Jupitter Larsen* Untitled
A3 Dieter Schlensog - Berserker Untitled
A4 Magthea Untitled
A5 Andrzej Dudek-Dürer Untitled
A6 Max Schmalz Untitled
A7 Julia Barszek Untitled
A8 Viktor Pawel* Untitled
A9 Mogens Otto Nielson* Untitled
A10 Klaus Groh Untitled
A11 Robin Crozier Untitled
A12 Cracker Jack* Untitled
A13 Mad Michael Untitled
B1 Mazami Akita* Untitled
B2 Joachim Frank Untitled
B3 Antonio Olaid Untitled
B4 Henning Mittendorf Untitled
B5 Miros?aw Rajkowski Untitled
B6 Claus v.Bebber* Untitled
B7 Rafael Flora* Untitled
B8 Mans Hate* Untitled
B9 Barry E.Pilcher* Untitled
B10 Hitomi Arimoto Untitled
B11 Keith Bates Untitled
B12 Luca Miti Untitled
B13 MHN* Untitled
B14 MarcPira* Untitled
B15 Viktor Pawel* Untitled

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