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Red Neon Tapes

Years running:
Country: Belgium
Motivated by the existence of Insane Music, the label by Alain Neffe who he met in a record shop where Alain used to work, Patrick Parent founded his own DIY cassette label Red Neon Tapes. Patrick collected addresses by the artists featured on Insane compilations and started sending invitations for participation on his first international compilation cassette “New Hippies Volume 1”. Series of this compilation followed as well as releases from artists like M.Nomized, Deleted, Mlehst, Pol Silentblock, Charles Rice Goff III and his own project Etat Des Stocks. With “Make Music Not Money” concept, 49 cassettes released in total were swapped within many other DIY networks. Later, the label started releasing CD-Rs.
Patrick Parent 
Avenue Albert Elisabeth, 66 
1400 Nivelles